soul, R&B, funk, blues, reggae and gospel

2007 gig schedule at Nakano Bright Brown is...

Jan.21、March18、May13、Jul.29、Sept.30.(all Sundays)、Nov.17(sat) 


members : LEO(vo), Ayamachi KOBORI * (g).
* Also known as Tadashi KOBORI , the bassist of the West Road Blues Band.

  My reason for creating LEODUO was to encourage audience participation in the JOY OF THE MUSIC. We love to see the audience absorbed in our music and moved to dance and sing with us.
Won't you join us in our celebration of black music?
Ayamachi's "open-tuned" guitar style is like no other. He's sure to bring you to your feet! .


♪for LEODUO movie : Click HERE ♪

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